Wicker fence
of polymer vines
The length of the standard sections:

2000-1500мм; 1500-1500мм; 1000-1500мм;

(Individual sizes on request)

Colour: Brown, Grey, White.
The diameter of the rod: 18мм.
Length: 3 meter, 4 meter
In 1 sq.m.: 56 pog.m. vine


Плетеные воротаWicker fences and fences - It is mandatory and fundamental element of the suburban building, garden, balconies. They serve as a shelter from prying eyes, and among other things obstacle to the invasion of the territory of your unexpected guests. While fencing and fences similarly designed to work as a decorating constituent.

We offer you a unique material for the production of fences, flower beds, gazebos, sheds and walls— polymer vinefrom durable polyethylene. Because this material is possible to weave different options fences and fences along the whole length fences with unlimited height, and various other systems, even complex shapes (for example wicker outdoor furniture). Besides concrete fence sections, may complete various gates and wickets.

Products woven vines there is a pair of old. Currently, the polymers are used in different areas and enthusiasm to the barrage of braided composite is quite high. On the one hand simple and on the other aesthetic and unique appearance harmoniously combined with the interior and exterior of the house.

The main advantages of artificial wicker fences:

  • - Natural appearance
  • - Aesthetics
  • - absolute moisture resistance
  • - High resistance to mechanical damage
  • - Not rot - not dry
  • - no knots and splinters
  • - To the stability of the effects of the fungus?
  • - Resistance to insects
  • - Resistance to ultraviolet
  • - Use the temperature range from - 50 to + 75 degrees
  • - Does not require maintenance, impregnation and painting (painted in mass) ?
  • - durability


Polymer vine Mouldings

Vine whips made of 3-4 meters (6 meters individually, under the order) and also has 3 basic colors: Black, Brown, White. Any color according to RAL (+ 10% in value).

Полимерная лоза серая Полимерная лоза коричневая Полимерная лоза белая
Black Brown Wite


Finished wicker fence section

For ease and speed of installation of fences and walls are available in standard panels already prepared with single or double weave. There are panels at a height of 100, 150 and 200 cm and 150 cm always. The pillars have bases for attachment to the rigid base (for example to a concrete formwork).

Standard metal frame painted in dark brown or gray. It is also possible to produce color metal pillars in any color according to RAL (+ 10% in value).

 Ограждения 1,5 на 2  Ограждения 1,5 на 1,5  Ограждения 1,5 на 1
Fence panel 2х1,5 м
Fence panel 1,5х1,5 м:
Fence panel 1х1,5 м:


Finished beds

Also, for ease and convenience has a standard section of the flower beds, following size:

klmb2  klmb2 
Flowerbeds 1,08х1,08м. Flowerbeds 1,08х1,08м.


Technical information

Polymer vine:

Recycled and purified polyethylene: 90%

Dyes with a lightfastness of not less than 7-8 of 10


Possible color bar:

Серая плетень Коричневая плетень Белая плетень
Серый Коричневый Белый

Possible items:

IMG 0490-1200-SQ IMG 0492-1200-SQ IMG 0493-1200-SQ
IMG 0494-1200-SQ IMG 0495-1200-SQ IMG 0496-1200-SQ


Options polymer vines weave:

Single weave:    Double weave:
When you select a single weave you are left with the possibility of the lumen through the finished section and create an easy demarcation zone. This type of fencing is mainly used for decorative purposes, on balconies, creating a canopy over the terrace, the manufacture of garden furniture, beds, forming the front gardens, and can be used in the construction of the shadow of the fence.   Section with double weaving often choose when you want complete privacy. The most sought-after application for the erection of fence or fencing . Great for making walls in the garden gazebo for a gate or gates. Double weaving is almost completely eliminates the penetration of sunlight through the panel. Suitable as a decorative border on the site for the separation zones.
Одинарное плетение Секции с одинарным плетением
Двойное плетение Секции с двойным плетением




Systems fence sections to help you distinguish between the territory and give it an unusual appearance. Sections are supplied as ready-sections and are made to order, so they are equipped with a variety of doors, gates and other additional elements. By providing easy access to your zone, while maintaining the overall concept of design.

Плетеная калитка Плетеные ограждения с калиткой Перегородка плетеная на крыше  
Ворота с плетеными огражденами Ограждения плетеные во дворе Плетеные ограждения с подсветкой  


Individual elements allow to distinguish between the different zones both at home and Café or Restaurant , comfortable design awnings allow you to create shade and comfort in hot weather. Partitions can be deaf from the ceiling to the floor, which would clearly separate space or light and delicate, that would only identify the boundaries between zones.

Плетеные перегородки во дворе Плетеные перегородки в ресторане Плетеные перегородки у бассеина
Плетеные перегородки на балконе
Any restaurant implies a certain "intimate" areas, groups of tables, where customers feel isolated, lonely.
Плетеные перегородки во дворе


The specific properties of the material allow the use of the vine as decorative elements and small shapes such as flower beds, fences, garden tables, sheds, gazebos, and more!  

Плетеные навес (пергола) Плетеные навес Клумбы из полимерной лозы
Any product we can develop and manufacture your individual wishes! 
Плетеные беседки

General information


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