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473You need an original and stylish garden furniture, terraces, balconies, gazebos or local area?!

We present You our new the furniture catalog from artificial rattan brand SEQUOIA®.

Note the articles of artificial rattan. Nice wicker chairs, chairs, swing, шезлонги, sofas and tables always been a sign of refined taste - aristocratic rear yard decoration. Cozy and comfortable products gave a pleasant stay in the shade of thick trees or by the pool. Such furniture has a stunning aesthetic dignity, and incredible convenience, so it is widely used in the exteriors outdoor.

Artificial rattan - this innovative synthetic fiber, which is a perfect substitute for natural stems calamusa. It is manufactured by extrusion. In appearance, this material resembles textured plastic tape, and to its key features include resistance to moisture and UV light. In the production of these products rattan npleted on a sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame. Special weaving technology allows you to create amazing patterns.

Furniture made of artificial rattan – furniture does not need to care!


Our company successfully carries out wholesale and retail furniture supply from artificial rattan brand SEQUOIA®, from its warehouse in Moscow and to order.

Along with the high quality of our furniture, the main difference from other manufacturers and suppliers is low cost. In some cases, the difference up to 100%. Compare prices! To see the furniture catalog can downloading it from our website. To directly assess the quality, shape, color and texture selected by You furniture in the exhibition hall of our office.

SEQUOIA GROUP – this is a stable and precise workmanship, high quality, reliable partnership and confidence in the future.

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