WPC veranda

Terrace or veranda made of WPC does not require too much care, may be washed with plain water, and very durable. Type of wood, smell, touch, warmth. But it does not support combustion, does not rot, does not fade, doesn’t make interest for insects and rodents. Can’t be damaged by fungus and mold. Decking is often called the terrace board because it is now the most widely used in private construction - to create porches, patios, gazebos.

веранда дпк

As fresh air and the sound of rain have a positive effect on people, with the same retroactive all these charms test construction materials for strength. Decking - flooring is designed for operation in the full range of external influences of nature: in the summer is scorching sun, rain, and in winter - snow load and ice.

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WPC Decking is made of wood-polymer composite material of the modern, combining natural wood and the durability and weather resistance of polymers. Wood-polymer composite is a mixture of wood flour (30-50%) and a polymeric binder (polyethylene or polypropylene), and various additives and modifiers which are responsible for color fastness and stability of operation.

веранда дпк 3Many manufacturers, both Russian and foreign provide different design, composition, technical properties and appearance of decking for your choice. WPC decking differs largest natural textures - some models simulate natural material as possible, while offering durable and stable performance. WPC terrace board is available in a variety of colors - from dark brown to light shades.

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