WPC floorings

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Terraced decking, production of which is carried out from the wood-polymer composite, it is the best answer for the purpose of the product is absolutely flooring of all types - as well as a shelter, and in the open air. You can buy decking WPC, in order to cover their floors porches, loggias, pavilions, and also to equip playgrounds, ponds around the area: marinas, piers, etc. Besides decking price that we offer absolutely no way limits the scope of its use.

From absolutely all surfaces in the room main attack takes on the flooring. Paul, on which we walk, in which the kids are jumping, which we sometimes something dropped. From time to each of these load floor has the ability to crack or otherwise poverezhdatsya.

With decking allowed to manage, as well as with other material. Paul quickly and easily placed. It is allowed to saw, cook, or drilling. In consequence of the KDP is one of the most multi-purpose and comfortable material in service.

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A special interest deserves a superior product from the KDP: they are produced in a previously ready for installation profile, and floor installation of them does not imply particular difficulties themselves. Pretty snap the grooves of any component in the modular clips, following ° from the gap - and the floor is ready!

With embossing depicting the structure of the wood plaque sexual WPC will give inimitable flavor and enliven neutral design. Our proposed material combines the best properties of plastic and wood, it is strong and durable, eco-friendly and not dangerous to use, it contains a graceful image and pleasant to the touch.

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