Furniture from WPC

мебель дпк 4Wood-polymer composite - excellent material for manufacturing of outdoor furniture. All its properties make it the undisputed leader in this field.

WPC is durable, highly resistant to external influences. You don’t have to hide your WPC furniture under the roof: WPC does not fade in the sun and does not deteriorate from moisture! WPC benches and tables will be very comfortable to use: in hot weather, they will not burn, but also cold, (if you compare, for example, with a stone).

Unlike wood furniture, benches and tables made of WPC in your garden or park aren’t exposed to insects, fungi and molds.

Thus, when selecting outdoor furniture, it is better to draw the attention to the Wood-polymer composite. It is practical and profitable. You do not have to change the furniture next ten years! Furniture from such material does not need to be painted or further processing or oil varnish.

мебель дпк

It is also important that this furniture does not need additional care. All contamination of dust and easily removed simply with water. This will make your vacation, picnic, barbecue outdoors more comfortable and trouble-free.

Huge selection of colors and types of WPC will create a unique interior of your space. Using the WPC not only for furniture, but fences and terraces - add style and the general mood of your garden.

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