A track from WPC

Equipping garden paths necessary to choose flooring that will last long and will not require much care. WPC because of its practicality is suitable for this purpose perfectly..
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Decking of WPC has the following advantages over wood:

  • resistance to water and UV radiation;
  • resistance to biological factors (bacteria, insects, rodents, fungi);
  • resistance to mechanical factors;
  • resistance to strain;
  • resistance to temperature changes from -60 to +80 degrees (the highest quality models);
  • serviceability - is decades.

The advantages of WPC decking relatively Stone Tiles are:

  • simple and easy installation and removal;
  • additional elements (support beams or joists, clips curbs, etc.);
  • non-slip surface that is perfect for decoration of the tracks in the country or in the garden.

In addition, a track made of WPC boards are very pleasant to touch, do not overheat in the sun and comfortable for walking with barefoot. WPC is humidity resistant, is not susceptible to sudden temperature changes and will please you with its wonderful appearance at any time of the year.

We have enough serious choice decking and here you will find the best solution for the construction of their garden paths.

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