Beds of WPC

Flowers for many years considered the main decoration farmsteads, houses and cottages. They make a variety of colors and comfort, giving a bright positive mood.

Flower design - is an art, which requires special knowledge and exquisite taste. It is true featured flower beds, ridges, pergolas, flower allow your site to start playing with new colors by adopting their own, individual way.

a variety of materials, most commonly wood, ceramics, plastic, metal used for the placement of flower beds and flower beds design. But every year, the demand for wood-plastic composite. Frames of beds PDK does not warp from moisture and musty, not subjected to destruction by fungi and insects, not covered with cracks from frost and do not fade in the sun.

Flowerbeds or flower pots made of other materials eventually become completely unfit for further use, require constant care and periodic replacement. KDP Life is tens of years, and during all this time, this material does not lose its properties (color, shape, structure).

клумба дпк


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