WPC landscape

Using WPC in the design of the landscape is the most practical choice.

With terrace boards of wood-polymer composite, you can create the most unusual landscape and architectural solutions. Currently WPC increasingly used by specialists in landscape design. Decking is used as a unique kind of creativity for creating garden paths, pools, patios, terraces and other facilities that help to make a comfortable resting place on the territory of your home.

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What is the secret of wood-polymer composite?

The secret is that the WPC has incorporated the best features of conventional wood coatings, thus got rid of many of its shortcomings. For example, the WPC can not be spoiled by exposure to water, humidity, temperature and barometric pressure changes. Maximum wear resistance allows you to use decking for piers and pools of WPC. In addition to the relative invulnerability of the environment, biological WPC does not attract pests such as insects, fungi, mold. This is a huge plus when applying in your garden, such as making flower beds using decking. Yet its durability and relatively evident mechanical impact: to scratch the coating of a material must make great efforts.

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In the production of decking its surface polished to impart the desired texture. Through this process, this board is not that slippery. This property is the most important in the regeneration of the playgrounds for children, whose safety is very concerned about each parent. In addition, with such a coating, you will forget what splinters. Even on the hottest day WPC will not overheat and will save the average temperature, which allows you to walk barefoot through the garden path of the decking.

For all this, WPC manages to remain environmentally friendly material: it does not emit any harmful chemicals. For WPC does not require special care and special detergents: all dirt you may easily remove the normal water. Therefore, without fear of hassle, you can equip in his garden terraces of the WPC picnic with family and friends.

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You will be pleasantly surprised by the service life of the material - for decades. This factor makes the WPC very cost-effective solution.

Bringing together all of the facts and solutions, you can create a custom landscape design. Great choice of colors, styles, installation methods, a wide range of application of such material and its practicality every day inspires more people to use this material in landscape design. In addition to covering and siding, there are also barriers of WPC. This will allow you to design your landscape in the same style.

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