Fences made of WPC

забор дпкCurrently, the most famous type of fence are wood fences, as they are the most accessible and natural product.

But wood - a genuine natural material, which dynamically interacts with the environment, impressionable reacting to all sorts of changes.

Liability to degradation influence of fungi, mold and insects, fading in the sun and the shift geometry, creating cracks and splinters - just a few of the difficulties of a set.

Wood-polymer composite products’ coming on the market of building materials has been a significant step forward, it allows you to create neat, strong, resistant to external conditions, and most important, similar to wood fences. Much more of this, like fences WPC presented in different color palettes and does not require additional painting and uninterrupted service. All components have the exact shape and geometry, what simplifies the installation.

забор дпк 2

Main advantages WPC fences:

- A fence made of WPC not collapsing before the influence of the atmosphere does not change the geometry does not submit cracks, does not swell and constantly saving excellent appearance.

- A fence made of WPC during long, up to 25-30 years of age did not ask for the extra costs and time to maintain, staining and impregnation, because all the material is colored in mass and contains a very small proportion of burnout, all care - you just need to clean the fence from the settled dust and dirt, just doused it with water from a hose.

забор дпк 3- - A fence made of WPC does not rot, does not overgrown with moss and mushrooms, does not fit into the food of rodents and insects resistant to chemical influence of land, water and atmosphere.

- - Fences WPC addition as well as fences made of wood, not hinder shaped building and intent, thanks to spacious suites and technological profile of the composite in the decoration, the probability of actually absolutely all varieties and types of fences and enclosures from elementary continuous, up to the specific produced according to personal drawings and sketches.

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