WPC fencing

People always have high demands to the materials during the construction of outdoor areas and terraces. Same for decorative fence of wood-polymer composite. An array of natural wood is still used in the manufacture of balusters, posts and railings. Anyway once there is a need in the care of such products. They need to be painted, skin, treat with chemicals. Decorative fence made of WPC won’t require you to take care of them.

More and more designers, architects and owners are beginning to use fencings made of WPC the construction of terraces, recreation areas, porches, terraces and playgrounds. WPC consists of wood (the majority) and polymer (polyethylene, PVC) and therefore does not need to take care for, can have any shape and color.

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Benefits of decorative fences made of WPC

In our country fences for terraces and balconies of the duodenum appeared relatively recently, but in Europe and the US, they have been used for more than a decade. Aside from excellent visual appeal, fences made of WPC possess durability and resistance to various external influences. The modular assembly decorative fencings made of wood-polymer composite allow to create on your site a unique composition

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