The rooftop terrace

Cottages and houses with flat roofs are attractive for its architecture. Availability of operated roof will add something special to your home, and additional space for relaxation and comfort.

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Operated roof, open attic, roof terrace - it is completely operated by an additional area of the house, which can be used for many purposes, including the regeneration of sports fields, gyms, solarium, outdoor lounges and more. Base plate for designs are plates, panels or planks overlapping, on top of which is laid a layer of hydro and vapor barrier, insulation, reinforced with leveling screed.

Operated roofs today are increasingly gaining popularity, no wonder, because these surfaces are not only beautiful and have unusual appearance, but also very convenient and practical in reality. Operated roof opens up a number of opportunities for creative and sustainable design space! Moreover, the use of the roof as a free space - a very profitable event in a big city, where they often have to fight for the cost of each square meter of the land!

If you have decided that you need a maintained roof, fitting it will not be too much work. The most preferred material for the finishing of the roof decking is WPC. This unique material does not slip and does not burn (which is very important for roofing), and still is not afraid of frost and temperature changes. In addition, the decking does not require a special care for and easy to install and dismantle. All this allows you to do arrangement in advance, even in winter, so you save time and money.

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Equipping a roof garden, many immediately pay attention to materials such as stone and tile. However, it should be borne in mind that they greatly increase the load on the building structure. In addition, heavy materials and even traumatic, especially in rainy and cold weather, and require regular nursing care. But WPC decking is completely safe, environmentally friendly and has a relatively light weight. You can make almost everything by using WPC boards: from the cozy garden benches, ending stately fencings. There are also fully prepared to install fencings made of WPC with the texture of wood, they are fully combined in the colors to a terrace board. In the arrangement of the roof, we offer our assistance, embodying your wildest ideas.

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Decorative fencings SEQUOIA®

Variety of colors, thicknesses, textures of decking allow not limit to your imagination. With regard to the ecologically friendliness of the material, it is absolutely safe: it does not emit any harmful chemicals, including phenol and formaldehyde. Furthermore, decking is resistant to rot and degradation (this is especially true when the humid air), and also has a perfectly flat surface, eliminating any splinters. Simple assembly and disassembly does not require special care.

In general, the decking is used for decoration of terraces, patios, country estates, staircases and roofs, parking lots, recreation areas and sports areas, decks of yachts and ships, piers and even ferries! So if you want you can build your "green roof" solely on the basis of wood-polymer composite decking. It is a versatile material, thanks to which you will have a solid, reliable, and easy to care operated roof.

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Installation of WPC flooring with a base of counter slope and drainage

When installing this kind of roof is necessary to provide a small slope of the roof surface in a couple of degrees in order to prevent the collection of rain water. This slope is towards location funnels rainwater system. Often, these roofs used the device of internal drains when the pipes are located inside the walls, and on the surface there are only receiving funnel protected by netting

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