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крыльцо и ступениOne of the most important elements of house decor is a staircase and porch.

The main attention is paid to the design of stairs with railing and stairs, because they are forced to pay attention to themselves and can make or emphasize the style of any room. The main conditions to be satisfied by steps on the porch - it's durability, reliability and serviceability.

When constructing stairs, many people do pay attention to tactile sensations.

Wooden steps are very pleasant to the touch and pleasing to the eye. However, this material has some drawbacks, particularly if the ladder is not located indoors but outdoors. For a wooden stairs to last a long time, you will always have to handle and take care of the stairs to protect against rot or cracks, from insects. Also, over time, the wooden planks can bend and start to creak.

Some people choose materials such as ceramic tile, stone or metal. All these materials are less pleasant to touch than wood, as it is not very pleasant to walk barefoot and are easy to slip and get hurt. In addition, ceramic tile can crack under mechanical stress and lose strength from exposure to heat.

Therefore a good alternative to these materials is WPC decking. This material is very similar to wood in appearance, tactile sensations and ecological features, but through a combination of a certain component does not require much care and protection.

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WPC decking is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, it will not crack with heat and will not cover with mold, is not affected by insects. Steps made of WPC have a uniform shade and retain its properties even in direct sunlight! The board do not fade, it will not get "scuffs" in the middle, where the passing ability is more intensive. Porch of the WPC does not require an additional coating varnish or paint.

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Due to the similarity of appearance WPC and wood can be used both in the construction and decoration of the building "from scratch" and the replacement of some items those lost its appearance during operation. For example, if the entire porch decorated with wood, and only requires replacement of the stairs, you can simply choose a suitable color board of the WPC and it perfectly fit into the interior.

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Steps and rails of WPC easy to install, their installation does not require a special tool that is hard to get, so the installation can be carried out independently.

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