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The innovative building material made from the wood-polymer composite, forever lost disadvantages of wood and has expanded its area of application is, leaving almost no restrictions. The main of these innovations was precisely decking moisture resistance, and it is certainly very quickly found use in setting piers.

When installing the decking at the piers you should not neglect the general rules and recommendations (more ...), which are peculiar for its installing as a whole.
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  1. Be sure to prepare a good, flat base (usually a concrete screed), which allows more and achieve the desired inclination for water drainage.
  2. When installing the support, and also to the strength of the design need to use rubber plates. The distance between the supports correct count, depending on the load to decking board. Adhere to the principle: the smaller the load, the greater the distance. But do not exceed 50 cm.
  3. When installing the decking on the dock should take into account the fact that due to seasonal temperature changes inherent to the board a linear extension. Therefore, the gap between the profile and adjacent objects (columns, walls, and so on. ) Do not forget to leave a gap of 5 mm.

Important in the regeneration of the pier with special care to the choice of decking. Since the choice and installation depends in addition to quality and service life, and also your safety. The conclusion of experts is that the coating does not use a smooth structure, but rather with grooves. This is logical and easy to explain: surface "corduroy" gives the necessary extra grip and protects against unnecessary slip and, as a result of injuries. Thus, the technology "antislip" will not let you fall out of the blue.

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What are the basic requirements for those materials that are used in the construction of wharves and piers?

Is made from wood chips (40%) and polymer binder (60%), decking completely immune to influences abundant water and atmospheric humidity. This material is sufficiently waterproof and biological stability. And of course, the WPC for wharves and piers perfectly protected from the attacks of various pests, such as mold, fungi or insects.

Stability, strength and durability - these are the qualities that are inherent in modern Decking of WPC, because it combines, as the properties of wood and synthetic materials. The result becomes so perfect set of consumer properties of decking.

Decking can be attributed to low-cost and environmentally friendly materials.

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All of this is very convincing arguments in favor of wood-polymer composite for the construction of your berths and piers.

After installation it is required to take a walk on the pier and feel that even on the hottest day decking does not overheat, does not burn, but remains pleasantly warm.

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