The WPC siding

Siding WPC (wood-plastic composite), a relatively new material in the Russian construction market. The undeniable advantage of this material is its durability and the resemblance to real wood. Texture and warmth of wood will not give any artificial material, but siding WPC allows close issue as the natural beauty of wood. The principle of siding installation of liquid wood is similar to installing vinyl or metal. Stuffed rack or exhibiting system for hinged ventilated facade panels are hung and the KDP. Lathing step should be no more logs 40 mm. The joint panel made sure to lag and end clearance is observed between the panels at the rate of 2 mm per 1 rm (Depending on the installation temperature). The durability of the material depends on the good quality installation.

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Why in fact this material?

сайдинг дпк 3Using wall panels of wood-polymer composite brings you a lot of advantage. The difference with wood paneling that this material is not flammable and completely protects the structure from the effects of external conditions. For a material such as siding WPC not dangerous moisture, fungus and plaque. This material is capable of absorbing sound and thermal insulation has, he does not fade in the sun, has the stability to scratches and defects, is highly resistant to temperature fluctuations, it does not attract harmful insects. And this is not all advantages of this material. Since the siding of the KDP seems ecologically pure substance. In addition, unlike other finishing materials, facade and wall panels made of wood-polymer composite otsluzhat you up to 50 years. The consequence of this for the purpose of applying the lining of the duodenum siding cost is on a par with other materials, you will save much more significant amount.

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