The facades of WPC

Exterior of the building is largely determined by its facade. On the facade made of WPC appearance and functionality are inextricably linked with each other. Exterior wall cladding system can be a part of the overall concept of insulation or merely serve as decoration. WPC siding is suitable for facing not only the exterior walls, and roof windows, bay windows and eaves.

Фасад 1

WPC siding - a unique high-quality system of decoration of buildings. The basis of the facades is wood hardwood and softwood taken in certain proportions. Wood pulp is dried, mixed with the resin is heated and compressed to form together with a decorative coating. Facade profiles stained environmentally friendly acrylic dyes. The material is not susceptible to moisture, cold and heat, mechanical stress and UV. Not contain any harmful additives formaldehyde, asbestos and heavy metals.Фасад 6

System of ventilated facades are easy to install: the installation of panels can be carried out both in winter and summer. Worth noting is the fact that the WPC facade is easy to maintain, special care costs is not required.

The advantages of using WPC ventilated facade.

Ventilated facades - a relatively new type of finish, but we can note a lot of indisputable advantages of their use in comparison with other systems or insulating plaster:

• for the production of ventilated facades are used not sustain combustion materials that provide additional protection for the building against fire;

• a facade is due to soundproof insulation and the main facade panels that perfectly absorbs all the noise, reducing their level of almost 35 percent;

• relatively high cost of ventilated facades quickly pays for ease and simplicity of installation design of the facade, its high serviceability and absence of additional care

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