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Лоджия 2Balconies and loggias in urban housing are increasingly becoming not to store old things or drying clothes, but a place to relax. A place where you can fall comfortably in a chair and get some fresh air, plant flowers, watch the bustle of the city or equip full-time jobs. Balcony is a place to relax for adults, where you can place little child to sleep - in a word, a balcony for city dwellers often becomes a place where they rest from the hustle and bustle of the city and the enclosed space.

Why WPC on the balcony is practical?

If you do not take into account all the features of WPC decking, it became known for finishing balconies also as simple to install material. WPC decking is easy to install by your own, using only iron fasteners and screws. As a result, you get a flat surface without visible joints and seams. WPC decking for outdoor balconies and terraces is not afraid of high temperature in the heat of snow or rain on a cloudy day. Decking does not lose its surface appearance and other qualities for many years.

So, what's the benefit of using WPC decking?

  1. A simple and rapid installation. WPC decking may apply for any plane surface: floor, walls and ceiling. And all the work to finish your terrace will take 1-2 hours.
  2. Smooth plane surface. All components WPC decking joined end to end, forming an elegant smooth surface.
  3. Easy maintenance. To wash WPC decking you do not need any detergents - just plain water. It doesn’t require painting and other treatment.
  4. Huge selection of colors. You effortlessly select the desired color for your own private balcony, and it will never lose its color.
  5. High quality imitation of various tree species, including the precious species. 

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